How can we help you today?

We offer flexible payment plans to pay off your balance over time. Look up your account to see what your options are.

To get your water service turned back on, you must make a required payment (payment amount based on your balance due) and start a payment plan with PromisePay to cover the remaining balance.

If you make your payment before 5PM on a business day, your services will be restored the next day by 11:59PM. If you make your payment after 5PM, the water company will restore your services within two business days, by 11:59PM. Make sure your main valve is set to the off position to get water turned back on.

Signing up for a payment plan will help you keep your water on and keep your account in good-standing. Once you look up your account, you can request a reminder to sign up later.

For questions about enrolling in a payment plan, please call us at 502.369.7669.

For all other questions about your Louisville Water account, please call Louisville Water directly at 502.583.6610.